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On Easter my sister and I were walking around the farm and came across this beautiful Great Horned Owl. At first we thought it was a bobcat, but then realized it was an owl.


Like idiots we got closer for a better look and noticed something behind her. It was a fledgling!  Surprisingly she didn’t attack us, but we kept our distance once we realized she had a little one with her.farm_0101

A few weeks later I went over to check on the fledgling and was lucky to get this great shot. Mama never took her eyes off me, which is creepy.  Imagine these unblinking green eyes boring into you.



After I got back from my Virginia trip I couldn’t wait to see the fledgling again.  It had been 2 weeks since I’d seen it and I couldn’t get over how much it had grown.


Look it the little “horns.”


When I pulled up to the barn the mother flew out which gave me the opportunity to get a little closer to it.  Of course I was constantly looking over my shoulder for a surprise attack.


The fledgling thought I was getting too close and puffed up then started chomping its beak.  I didn’t hang around very long.

This was the final time I was able to see the fledgling as it flew the coop a few days later…..So really if I think about it I’m probably pretty lucky to have made it out of the barn without harm. It could have easily attacked me when I got close to it. Could you imagine, photographer taken out by fledgling. Then everyone would be thinking why was she even getting close to a wild animal, HELLO it’s a wild animal!

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In Kansas the opening weekend for Pheasant Season is always a big deal. Out of state hunters come by the hundreds.  And our friends from Colorado came just like they have been doing for 15 years now.  This year the whole family came along and they scheduled a photo session with me.  I’ll post about that later, but now I’ll show you some of the images I took while I was out walking with them.

I love watching the dogs and that’s probably why most of the images on my camera are of the labs. This is Miss Nelli

Then there is Remy.  She’s two years old and this dog stole my heart the first time I met her. Last year she was a clumsy, tall & skinny girl and I couldn’t get over how much she grown up since last year.

 Then there is Jessie who has been at this hunting game for 8 years now.  She’s a pro and loves every minute of it. I had to laugh when I arrived at the location Jessie was walking around stiff and slow. But once she was allowed to “hunt them up.” She was off like lightning. She was ready to get those pesky birds.

One thing is for sure these three ladies sure love what they are doing.

I wasn’t able to walk very much with them since I had to work in town during the day so I just shot a few images out in the field.

Here is my Father-in-law.

And one of our friend, Todd.

For now this is all that I have edited.

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