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In Kansas the opening weekend for Pheasant Season is always a big deal. Out of state hunters come by the hundreds.  And our friends from Colorado came just like they have been doing for 15 years now.  This year the whole family came along and they scheduled a photo session with me.  I’ll post about that later, but now I’ll show you some of the images I took while I was out walking with them.

I love watching the dogs and that’s probably why most of the images on my camera are of the labs. This is Miss Nelli

Then there is Remy.  She’s two years old and this dog stole my heart the first time I met her. Last year she was a clumsy, tall & skinny girl and I couldn’t get over how much she grown up since last year.

 Then there is Jessie who has been at this hunting game for 8 years now.  She’s a pro and loves every minute of it. I had to laugh when I arrived at the location Jessie was walking around stiff and slow. But once she was allowed to “hunt them up.” She was off like lightning. She was ready to get those pesky birds.

One thing is for sure these three ladies sure love what they are doing.

I wasn’t able to walk very much with them since I had to work in town during the day so I just shot a few images out in the field.

Here is my Father-in-law.

And one of our friend, Todd.

For now this is all that I have edited.

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Shay Turns 1

I had a child session last Thursday and I had such a great time with little Shay and her mom Tasha.  Almost all of the clients I had in October wanted pictures  with the beautiful fall colors. Well in Kansas you can never predict when the leaves are going to change. Last year at the beginning of October almost all the green was gone from the country side. This year the end of October we still had lots of green left. With that problem most of the October clients still had lots of green in their pictures. However, Tasha and I set up Shay’s appointment at the right time.  We had leaves for Shay to play in!

Even Shay knows how old she is!

I know direct sunlight, but I love this shot too much to leave it out. Watch out world this little cutie pie has an attitude!

Okay I can not handle these cute hats! They are just way too much for me! I was so disappointed in this shot. When I was done editing it I thought it looked great, but then I uploaded to FB and the digital noise was unbelievable.  I wanted to cry. It’s weird how only some pictures are messed up on fb.

 My favorite shot is always looking down on the face of a child. 

And my favorite shot of the evening.

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I made my business official on June 1, 2011.  It took me months to get up the courage to put myself out there. With the help and encouragement by my friends and family I was able to do it. My biggest fear not a single person would call me. My fear never came true since not even five days in and my phone was ringing. Thankfully it hasn’t quit ringing yet!! A BIG thanks to all of you for that!

I thought it fitting  for my first post on my new blog to have the image I took on my very first session. It was a Senior session and I didn’t have the slightest idea what I was doing. However, it was a success and I’m not looking back!

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